E Theme
1# Sidebars
2# AdSense Codes
3# ShareThis
4# FeedBurner
5# Templates
6# E-mail
7# Site
1# ==Sidebars==
Magic Bar: (MagicBar) Top of leftbar and rightbar. Only seen if page is not
"Home Page" or is not "Free Template" template. ( tags - default)
Left Bar: (LeftBar) center sidebar. (Simple Recent Comments - default)
Right Bar: (RightBar) Right sidebar. (Recent Posts and Archives - deafult)
Bottom Bar: (BotBar) Bottom of leftbar and rightbar. ( Google Translate and
RSS feeds - default)
Footer Left: (FooLeft) Footer Left sidebar ( Categories - default)
Footer Center: (FooCenter) Footer centerbar. (Empty - default.)
Footer Right: (FooRight) Footer rightbar. ( Bookmarks - default )
2# =FeedBurner, Delicious, Technorati...=
If you are a Feedburner, Delicious, Technorati, etc. fun, you can add feedburner widgets or codes in sidebarbar.php.
1# Open sidebar.php
2# find
<li class="feed">
3# add after your FeedBurner codes.
Actualy if you are not a sharethis.com member, you dont need change anything.
But if you are a member and want to change codes;
1# Opan the "sharethis.js" in a text editor and change the codes with yours,
2# save.
4# =Templates=
1# Commentable : Like a post. Guests can leave comments in this pages.
Not allowed in Standart page template.
2# Links: Bookmarks template.
3# Free Template : This template has not sidebars. Forexample adsearch results.
4# Sitemap : Sitemap. Pages, categories and all posts.
6# Archives: Categories, weekly archives
5# Tag Cloud: Tag cloud template.
5# ==AdSense Codes==
=AdSense for Search=
If you want to use the "AdSense for Search" code;
1# Open the "searchform.php" (top searchbar) or "searchform2.php"
(footer searchbar) file in a text editor,
2# remove everything,
3# add your AdSearch codes
4# save.
If you need the original searchform codes;
<form method="get" class="sform" action="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/">
<input type="text" value="<?php the_search_query(); ?>" name="s" class="s" />
<input type="hidden" class="searchsub" value="<?php _e('Search'); ?>" />
=AdSense in MagicBar=
If these steps are difficult for you, you can jump "AdSense in other pages"
Width is over 300px. For adding AdSense code;
1# Open the "sidebar.php" file in a text editor,
2# find this
<!-- AdSense line :) -->
<!-- AdSense line :) -->
3# and put this codes center
<li class="widget">
4# Must be seen like this:
<!-- AdSense line :) -->
<li class="widget">
<!-- AdSense line :) -->
5# puts your AdSense codes center
6# Must be seen like this:
<!-- AdSense line :) -->
<li class="widget">
These lines are your AdSense codes
These lines are your AdSense codes
<!-- AdSense line :) -->
7# save.
If you want to remove "tag cloud", you will see the next line these codes
<!-- If you put AdSense...--><ul><?php wp_tag_cloud('number=0');?></ul>
You can remove this line.
=AdSense in other pages=
1# Open archive.php, archives.php, comments.php, index.php, page.php, header.php, sidebar.php.
2# Find and put your AdSense code between
<!-- AdSense line :) -->
<!-- AdSense line :) -->
3# save.

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Demo: wp-themes.com/e

Download from WordPress Extend: v 2 v 2.2.2

WordPress Extend page: wordpress.org/extend/themes/e

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