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Wednesday, 05 May 2009

Download these files:

  1. J2SE SDK ( jdk-6u13-windows-….exe ) :
  2. Eclipse ( eclipse-SDK-….zip ) :
  3. J2ME Wireless Toolkit for CLDC ( sun_java_wireless_toolkit-….-win.exe ) :
  4. Eclipse J2ME Plugin ( eclipseme.feature_… ) :

Installation steps:

  • J2SE SDK, run and follow the instructions.
  • Eclipse, just extract the eclipse-SDK….zip file.
  • J2ME Wireless Toolkit, run and follow the instructions.
  • Eclipse J2ME Plug-In for installation, run Eclipse. From the “Eclipse Help” menu, select “Software Updates…”. Press the “Add Site…” button. You will see the “Add Site” dialog. Select the “ZIP” file and press “Open” button. And then press “OK” button. And press the “Install” button. And follow the instructions.

From the Eclipse “Window” menu, select “Preferences”. And then select J2ME. Find the “WTK Root:” press the “Browse”.
Find the “Wireless Toolkit” directory. Such as “C:\WTK2.5.2_01″. Apply.